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‘I spent my 31st birthday in the bush, but I loved every bit of my day’ Actress Bimbo Ademoye – Nollydictv

‘I spent my 31st birthday in the bush, but I loved every bit of my day’ Actress Bimbo Ademoye – Nollydictv

Nollywood actress bimbo Ademoye has revealed how she celebrated her 31st birthday and expressed appreciation to everyone who took the time to celebrate her on social media and outside social media.

she spent her entire time in the bush filming, but she loved every bit of the day.

She wrote: THANK YOU! For all the birthday wishes. Thank you so much guys . I’m still responding to messages , returning calls. Whew, I couldn’t repost all the stories. But I see you all and I’m so grateful for the outpour of love , I felt on top of the world.


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