The CEO Nollydic tv gives gratitude to God almighty for adding One more year to his life on this day 14/10/2020; despite all the trials, challenges and temptations he still has Upheld his Empire through God’s help.

Mr. David Ephraim is the CEO of the Davidic’99 Empire – A Business city with 16 brands and still growing.

He is a Film Maker, Director & Producer and has Produced and Directed many Nollywood Movies. His method of Direction in Nollywood Films has been second to known and is now referred to as NOLLYWOOD MARLIAN DIRECTOR.

He is a full time business man and is currently the Chief Consultant at ’99 Empire Business Consult and has held several Business Summit and Seminars with Loans to assist Business Starters.


Davidic’99 being endowed with Skills and talents has groomed many others and is doing very well in Businesses not limited to but including; Film Making, Business Consultancy, Car Dealings, fashion Store, Media Consultancy, Publishing & Prints Media, Branding, Interior Decor, Entertainment to mention but a few.


Please join us to celebrate the Youngest Boss in the East of the 9ja!!!



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