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A very funny Comedy Story of two Young guys who earn thier living through lies plus accepting jobs of handwork they know nothing about. This hilarious comedy features the likes of Fred Ebere (Ten Kobo nwa akpaka), Ephraim David (Davidic’99), Nkechi Nweje (Nwanyi Onitsha), Christopher Omeiyi (Ozu) amongst others not limited to but including: Heritage Onyeike, Ntomchukwu Victor, Attah Chidinma, Favour Nsofor, Akutus Chinwendu

As Directed and Produced by Ephraim David (AMP) having her Executive producer to be Emmanuel Udensi.

Oga Nepa is a 2022 Film of Nollydic tv Films

The Movie will be Premiering in Umuahia on the 17th of April:


  • Date: 17th April, 2022
  • time: 4pm – 6pm | Duration: 45minutes
  • Entry Fee: Regular: Celebrity Meet & Greet + Light Refreshment(pop-corn & drink): #3,000 | VIP: Special Seat + Celebrity Meet & Greet + Light Refreshment(sharwama & drink): #5,000

Secure a seat here

For Ticket Reservation:

Pay in the Sum of #3,000 or #5,000 only into the bank account 8740464019 | FCMB | ACCOUNT NAME: NOLLYDIC TV FILMS. Then proceed to fill out the Reservation form here

Or send us a message on Whatsapp 09072122666 with your evidence of payment & email address to receive your ticket.


Send the Amount required for what you want to the bank account 8740464019 | FCMB | ACCOUNT NAME: NOLLYDIC TV FILMS, send an evidence of payment and your advert to the whatsapp number 09072122666 with you advert medium (logo, graphics or video)

Video Adverts;
3 Seconds – #5,000
5 Seconds – #10,000
10 Seconds – #15,000

Image Adverts
Logo Appearance – #3,000
Graphics Appearance – #5,000

Advert Video shoot (If Needed) – 50,000

For more info & Sponsorship: whatsapp or call – 09072122666


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