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The letter – nollywood 2022 short film –

­The letter – nollywood 2022 short film –

The Letter -

The letter – nollywood 2022 short film –

The aftermath of a Hit and Run Driver comes as an Abomination.

Most things we do and thinks we have gone past it, comes calling later.


Find out more in this movie ‘THE LETTER’ as Directed by Ephraim David!

Premiering here this Saturday 5th February, 2022 (remember to turn on the reminder to join the Live Chat during the Premiering as lots of Airtime Giveaways will be happening on the Live Chat)


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Prince Churchill

Amarachi Shullamite

David Knight



Director: Ephraim David

Writer: Emerald Nedu

DOP: Gentle Friday

Editor: Ephraim David

Artistic Director: Marizu

Associate Producer: Agoha Favour

Lights & Sound: Okeiyi Bright

Producer: Nollydic tv Film Academy, Umuahiachapter (Students Project)


Executive Producer: Ephraim David (Davidic’99) AMP

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