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The Real Us – Nollywood Movie – Nollydictv

The Real Us – Nollywood Movie

The Real Us – Nollywood Movie

The Real Us – Nollywood Movie

The Real Us – Nollywood Movie

Through the help of his female bestie, Nnamdi rises up to stardom from a common gateman. He must now choose between friendship and his newfound fame.

Cast: Alexx Ekubo, Bimbo Ademoye, Timini Egbuson, Emem Ufot, Audrey Harrison, Kemi Ikuseeden, Adebayo Davies, Chinonso Arubayi, Ivy Antiev, Maria Thomas, Emeka Darlynton, Toyosi Benjamin, Ifeoluwa Eninla, Ayah Favour, Rachel Edward, Samuel Abah

DIRECTOR: Kayode Peters




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